Asheville Junction is a lively and entertaining bluegrass/Americana band.  Our shows feature female and male vocals and harmonies, hot fiddlin’ and instrumentals, beautiful ballads, beloved standards, unique covers and originals.  There’s a lot going on at the Asheville Junction!  Folks find themselves singing, clapping, stomping or laughing along to our music before they know it. Asheville Junction formed when mother-daughter duo Tierra and Maria Raiti moved to Asheville and joined up with long-time local musicians Brad Pope on upright bass, Tim Comstock on mandolin and Ken Sager on dobro.

Tierra Raiti: Fiddle and Lead Singer
Tierra Raiti, lead and harmony singer and fiery fiddler for the band, has been noticed as a formidable rising musician and invited to appear on the Woodsongs International Radio Show in March 2022.  Tierra was a featured singer and player on an album she cut when she was 14 years old, Galax to Toledo Tracks.  Recordings from this album have been played in roots and Americana radio shows around the world.    Still in high school, Tierra is a phenomenally accomplished and versatile singer and fiddler, having won numerous fiddle contests and violin competitions, as well as singing competitions and scholarships ranging from jazz to classical to country. 

Tim Comstock: Mandolin,  harmony and occasional lead vocals
Tim's a multi-instrumentalist with a penchant for musical diversity.  Originally hailing from Portsmouth, Virginia and a longtime Swannanoa Valley resident, if he's not picking tunes he's probably enjoying the great outdoors with his esteemed Plott hound friend.  Tim has worked with a wide variety of artists in the WNC area, from string bands to indie rock and jazz groups, and is excited to have a role on mandolin with Asheville Junction.

Brad Pope: Bass, harmony and occasional lead vocals
I was born and raised in Asheville, NC. I have a lot of family around these parts, and that exposed me at an early age to old time, bluegrass and just goodle mountain music. 21 years ago I heard dwightyoakamacoustic(net) CD and it socked me in the eye and I said 'I WANNA DO THAT!' So my Mom got me a guitar for Christmas that year, and I sat down and taught myself guitar, and as time went on, mandolin, bass, and a hair's lick of banjo. In other music, I play tenor guitar and mandolin with the Lazybirds and guitar and mandolin with the Scatterlings.  Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to play music from our hometown beloved Grey Eagle, to the oldest dive beer joint in Nashville; Dino's.  In the spare time that I rarely see at my door, I'm a painter as well. I also love pasta, crocodiles, Shel Silverstein, late night ice cream, crickets when they're crickin', crows, trains and turtles.

Ken Sager: Dobro and Guitar
Ken has been a musician all his life.  He began performing violin publicly at the age of 10, played electric guitar for large audiences at age 13, and ever since has loved performing for live audiences from 1 to 10,000.  Sharing music with other musicians and listeners has become a long-running conversation for Ken.  He has performed on more than 40 albums for other groups and soloists, and even released a solo album Here in 2007.  Ken is also the 2004 State Flat Pick Guitar and Mandolin champion.  When not playing music Ken enjoys poker, fly fishing and traveling with his wife Sherri.

Maria Raiti: Rhythm guitar, harmony and occasional lead vocals
When Maria and her daughter Tierra lived up north, Tierra was taking classical violin lessons, but kept expressing passionate interest in bluegrass fiddle.  So Maria picked up a guitar and mother and daughter discovered amazing joy and bonding in playing music together at  local bluegrass jams, then fiddle contests, and eventually local bluegrass and Americana bands.  Maria always joked with friends and family up north that one day she would move and take her talented daughter to Nashville.  But then in  August of 2021 Maria and Tierra actually made the move, no joke.  Except instead of Nashville, they stopped and got off at The Asheville Junction!  

  We book private and public events as a duo, or a full band of up to five musicians.  Contact us for more information!